Web Design

A website is more than a digital directory – it is a medium to convey your story, communicate business proposition and build relationships.

It is a platform for your business to reach out to the world.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing creates an impetus for social interests to meet, paints a canvas for ideas to be exchanged and sets up a marketplace for deals to be transacted.

It is a channel for your business to make a stand.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

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Website Design


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Case Study: We helped an online store 2X to 5X their revenue by scaling up and targeting the international market

Our client was looking to increase the sales and revenue for their existing online store. They had been getting a sales average of approximately $250 per day. After an initial consultation, Avernor identified the small target market size as the main issue. We then advised the client to sell internationally and to scale up their marketing efforts.


Once a consensus was reached, we followed up by helping to identify the best selling product, building a landing page around it as well as creating correspondingly attractive ads. The final ad campaign combined the aforementioned collaterals, and ultimately brought their average daily sales up to about $2500.

The above screenshot is accurate as of 9th September 2019

Case Study: Over the span of 6 months, we helped our client rank highly on Google search

For this client’s SEO request, Avernor started with a thorough analysis of their initial rankings, and identified possible areas for improvement.


We then got to work by helping to refine their content, fine-tune the site’s user experience, and source for credible backlinks. The end result was a huge jump in rankings within a relatively short timespan.

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