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A website is not enough, you need a better website.

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Why Do you need a BETTER website


Build Trust

A well designed website built trust and give viewer confidence to believe in your business or brand. The layout, design, copy and functionality of the website has be thought out.


Sell Better

You will be surprised how much a website can benefit your business. If structured properly, you can funnel viewers into paying customers.


Better SEO

A well optimized website can help you rank higher on search engine such as Google. Getting found on search results are extremely useful in increasing traffic and leads.

Beauty Salon

We Helped This New Business Get Fully Booked Within 1 Month


We helped an online store 2X to 5X their revenue by scaling up and targeting the international market

Interior Design Firm

We Attained No. 1 Ranking For Desired Keywords On This Website Within 6 Months

one stop solution provider

Why Have Multiple Vendors When You Can Save Cost With Just 1?

Vendor A

Design Studio

Est. Cost: $3000

Vendor B

Marketing Firm

Est. Cost: $6000

Vendor C

Website Company

Est. Cost: $6000

We are all of the above

Est. Cost For All Of The Above: Less than $8,000



With multiple vendors involved in a single project, there is a high risk of miscommunication and delay. By engaging in a one-stop agency like Avernor, greater transparency and consistency in delivery is ensured.



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In-house team

At Avernor, we don’t outsource abroad. We believe in creating everything in house, from ideation of campaigns to web development to marketing, so to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We have a team of designers, web developers, copywriters and marketers all based in our local office.

Trusted by hundreds of the Singapore's best organizations

At Avernor, Our Job Is To Challenge The Impossible.

Avernor was founded in 2014 with an ethos to deliver success and the best results for our clients. We begin every engagement with every intention to go the extra mile for clients, providing terrific customer service because we believe in the value of creating a long-term relationship with our clients. We set out to be a different kind of company; one that welcomes innovative thinking and explores the unconventional, making every impossible situation possible.

We are in the business of helping companies grow through creative ideas to streamline, differentiate and accelerate their business processes. As a creative digital marketing agency, we specialise in innovative web design, E-commerce, mobile apps development & digital marketing solutions. We create products and services that engages the consumers and transform organizations for the digital economy, driving sales with a cross-channel, digitally-led approach to communications.

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    More than 100 (73 recorded, 30+ not recorded) leads generated from Instagram & Facebook marketing campaign in May 2019 by spending only $856.

    Case Study: We Helped This Beauty Salon Get Fully Booked Within 1 Month

    This client has just set up a home based beauty salon and doesn’t have an existing customer base. Unlike a retail salon, a home based business does not have the traffic needed and therefore struggles to acquire customers.


    After identifying the problem, we created a website, design an ad and ran marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Within a month, the client generated more than 100 leads, with 73 leads recorded (as shown in the screenshot), and over 30 leads were leads that called/WhatsApp directly which are not trackable on the advertising platform. By spending only $856 in May 2019 and generated over 100+ leads, our client spent only about $8.50 to generate a lead.

    Case Study: We helped an online store 2X to 5X their revenue by scaling up and targeting the international market

    Our client was looking to increase the sales and revenue for their existing online store. They had been getting a sales average of approximately $250 per day. After an initial consultation, Avernor identified the small target market size as the main issue. We then advised the client to sell internationally and to scale up their marketing efforts.


    Once a consensus was reached, we followed up by helping to identify the best selling product, building a landing page around it as well as creating correspondingly attractive ads. The final ad campaign combined the aforementioned collaterals, and ultimately brought their average daily sales up to about $2500.

    The above screenshot is accurate as of 9th September 2019

    Case Study: Over the span of 6 months, we helped our client rank highly on Google search

    For this client’s SEO request, Avernor started with a thorough analysis of their initial rankings, and identified possible areas for improvement.


    We then got to work by helping to refine their content, fine-tune the site’s user experience, and source for credible backlinks. The end result was a huge jump in rankings within a relatively short timespan.

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