How To 10x Your Sales While Reducing Cost

Technology has transformed marketing. Traditional methods of lead generation are beginning to give way to more effective digital techniques.

Ditch Traditional Marketing, Go Digital

Statistics have shown that digital marketing is a far more cost-effective way of reaching out to the global audience. 


With the same amount of money that you spend on sending direct mails to your audience, you can reach out to 18x (36,000) more people via digital marketing. Assuming a 5% conversion rate, you would be able to convert 1,800 people into your customers with a digital ad spend of just $900, compared to only 100 people via direct mail.

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How can digital marketing help you?

Generate pre-qualified leads for specific products/services

Create targeted ads to reach different audience groups

Reach out to a wider audience, unbounded by time, space and geography

Track results and optimise ad budget in real time

Case Study

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E-commerce Sales Effort Using Facebook Marketing

We managed to generate a revenue of US$113,610 (SG$153,544) within 2 months for our client in the fashion industry using Facebook Marketing alone.

Using Facebook Marketing to Generate Leads For Insurance Agents

We managed to obtain 33 leads within 1 month for our client by spending only $900 in overall ad budget.

That works out to a cost per lead of about $27.

Note that the leads generated are not random names, all leads generated are pre-qualified as they would have made the conscious decision to input their contact details after reading and understanding the landing page and the products/services that are being promoted.

Using Facebook Marketing to Generate Leads For Beauty Salon

We helped to acquire 59 customers for a beauty salon within 1 month by spending only $400 in overall ad budget.

Note that the leads generated are not random names, all leads generated are pre-qualified as they would have made the conscious decision to book an appointment after reading and understanding the landing page and the products/services that are being promoted.

Want to find out exactly how we did it?

1. Click on Facebook Advert

An advert on Facebook forms the first point of contact with a lead. Tons of ads are posted in a day, your business will benefit with ads crafted to stand out above the rest.


We take pride in blending innovative ideas seamlessly with creative design, to craft ads bearing an element of personal touch, ads meant to compel immediate action.


Managing an ad campaign goes beyond the mere steps of creation and delivery. Our expertise gives us the confidence to enhance your ad’s effectiveness by means of clever ad targeting.


We strive to test for and discover what ads work best for our clients, so leave the fine-tuning to us. We have already made it necessary practice to determine which strategies render the most powerful results for clients, via A/B testing tactics.

Video ad for an Interior Design firm

Carousel ad for an Interior Design firm

2. Visit landing page or website

The very essence of a landing page lies in providing reason to prospective leads to act, connect and engage.


We craft lead-focused pages geared purposefully toward attracting the right target audience, pages rightfully emphasising the value of your services.


A landing page when devised expertly should act as a lead capture page. We deliberately construct web pages equipped to persuade action, helping you to quicken the process of securing leads.

Interior Design Firm Landing Page

Interior Design Firm Landing Page

 3. Provide contact details

A necessary element to driving action, a contact form allows potential leads to connect with you in just a few clicks.


We make sure to reiterate important details and points to further compel quick action. A powerful call to action component eases prospective leads into taking a specific next course of action.


When your page naturally transitions into an effective contact segment, potential leads will instinctively feel a greater drive to reach out to you.

Interior Design Firm Call to Action

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    Why Avernor?

    We are a Creative Digital Marketing agency with a proven track record

    We have serviced over 100 clients from diverse industries in 5 years

    Expert in Facebook Marketing, Web Development, Design and Copywriting

    We value good customer service and will go the extra mile for our clients


    Can I plan and execute a digital marketing campaign on my own?

    Yes, it is definitely possible. However, in order to plan and execute successful and effective campaigns, it may require some time and effort.  


    For campaigns to be effective, it will require you to conduct some research to identify the right target audience, set up the ad copy and design, put in place the right targeting, schedule the campaigns at the right timing and finally run multiple ad sets to conduct split testing. This process is time-consuming and its effectiveness can be dependent on the amount of effort consistently spent on it. 

    As a small business owner, will it be feasible for me to invest in digital marketing?

    Generally, digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional methods. It can potentially give you a higher ROI for your marketing budget. However, it is also important to note that it is a critical to invest in a minimum amount of budget to see the results you would like.

    If I were to utilise digital marketing, would I need to forsake on traditional marketing tactics?

    Digital marketing is meant to complement existing marketing methods, they are not mutually exclusive. Tactics that already work for your team can seamlessly be integrated with digitised approaches. In fact, a combination of online and offline marketing could yield even greater results on your marketing budget with careful planning and execution

    How involved does my team and I have to be in the process of planning and executing our digital marketing strategy with Avernor?

    Most clients outsource their entire digital marketing support to us. However, if you would like to be involved in the process, we could also make adjustments for it. We are also able to provide training for you and your team to equip you with the skills to manage your campaigns.  

    How much does it cost to get started?

    Some of the costs involved in digital marketing include: creation of landing pages, creation of websites, management fees and advertising budget.  

    The cost of your digital marketing campaigns will depend on a few factors:

    • What are your marketing objectives?
    • Do you already have an existing website or landing page?
    • How many products/services are you intending to market?
    • How frequent do you intend to run the campaigns?
    Can I be ‘guaranteed’ leads?

    We have managed to deliver leads to all our clients thus far. However, to get better returns on your marketing budget, we will require time to optimise your marketing campaigns.

    Case Study: We helped an online store 2X to 5X their revenue by scaling up and targeting the international market

    Our client was looking to increase the sales and revenue for their existing online store. They had been getting a sales average of approximately $250 per day. After an initial consultation, Avernor identified the small target market size as the main issue. We then advised the client to sell internationally and to scale up their marketing efforts.


    Once a consensus was reached, we followed up by helping to identify the best selling product, building a landing page around it as well as creating correspondingly attractive ads. The final ad campaign combined the aforementioned collaterals, and ultimately brought their average daily sales up to about $2500.

    The above screenshot is accurate as of 9th September 2019

    Case Study: Over the span of 6 months, we helped our client rank highly on Google search

    For this client’s SEO request, Avernor started with a thorough analysis of their initial rankings, and identified possible areas for improvement.


    We then got to work by helping to refine their content, fine-tune the site’s user experience, and source for credible backlinks. The end result was a huge jump in rankings within a relatively short timespan.

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